The Initiative

All around the world aspiring individuals and groups seek to walk and teach the meditative path of Anthroposophy. «Goetheanum Meditation Initiative» seeks to bring visibility to that work, to strengthen it, and lend it coherence in order that the distinctive and crucial contribution of Anthroposophy to meditation can be actualized throughout the world and in all fields of life.



The picture is painted by Maria Clarissa Mendes, you can see more of her works on her webpage:

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Essay «Investigating the Depths of Consciousness Through Meditation»

In the realm of science, there is a field researching on the topic of meditation involving neuroscientists, psychologists, philosophers and other disciplines. Terje Sparby has made research on this topic for several years, and in the latest edition of the journal Mind and Matter you will find an essay from him, exploring the theory and practice of a contemplative phenomenology. 

To Terje Sparbys Essay

Gesellschaft für angewandte Geistesforschung

Frank Burdich leads the Gesellschaft für angewandte Geistesforschung (Society of Applied Spiritual Science), providing supersensible research as well as training in supersensible perception and methodology. In the upcoming year he will lead several events around Europe, the calendar of seminars and lectures can be found on his website

Translation of the introductory book: «Meditation»

The short and informative introduction to anthroposophical meditation written by Robin Schmidt and Heinz Zimmerman has for a long time only been available in German. Thanks to the initiative of a group of translators and publishers, the book is now translated into English and French, making it accessible to non-german-speaking people that are interested in the topic.